About Us

Tropical Sri Lanka with its diverse micro climates and soil types has many spices grown on the island, some of them endemic, which has been the cause for its lucrative spice trade throughout history. We at Romee Foods are premium spice growers committed to our purpose of taking the color, fragrance, and flavor of Sri Lankan spices and offering unrivaled quality, selection, and freshness to the global market. Over this time, the spices in our collection represent the spices our customers return to over and over again. All our products are made using spices that are home-grown and harvested in our plantations in Udawalawa and carefully curated and locally sourced from farmers producing the best spices from across the island. Additionally, we use natural ways to dry and prepare the spices in order to save their quality. “Turn the simplest food into an aromatic and rich experience with our premium quality spices.”

Our Products